Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rachael's Restaurant Reviews - Butcher & The Boar

This is my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities, and maybe ever.  Andy and I look for any excuse possible to treat ourselves to a Butcher & the Boar meal.   This time around? Well, we've been married for 1 month, so that counts right?! Right! To Butcher & the Boar we go!

Butcher & The Boar -  1121 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Rating- 12 out of 10 (yes it's that good)  
   Caramelized Broccoli                        Taleggio Pancetta Mac & Cheese      
                                                            Berkshire Pork Spare Ribs                          Bourbon Flight

Butcher & the Boar is a James Beard Award Semi-Finalist so you know they are doing something (everything) right.  Not only is the food incredible but the service is top notch.  Last night I sat on my napkin when I came back from the restroom and was looking around for it, within 20 seconds my server was there asking if he could help me find something.  I told him that I think I must have sat on my napkin and he went and got me another one so I didn't have to stand up! WHAT?! That's just stupid good service. 

As the name suggests Butcher & the Boar is not for the vegetarian minded, this place is for the unabashed meat lover.  And remember that 12 out of 10 rating I gave this place? Well, you are going to pay for it, this place is not cheap (although there are more inexpensive options, it's just, we're celebrating over here okay?). 

I have tried many menu items over a few visits, and I have never been disappointed in anything but these are my "must try" items if you are only going once. These are the menu items that were so good, I kind of wanted to cry a little bit.

Taleggio Pancetta Mac & Cheese
Smoked Beef Long Rib- Tabasco-molasses BBQ 
Red Hot Brussels Sprouts

This meal easily feeds two, in fact I bet you and your dining partner will have leftovers. Lucky!
Berkshire Pork Spare Ribs
  Smoked Beef Long Rib

If you want to try the deliciousness but not spend a ton of money, check out their more casual Beer Garden Menu served outside year round in a cozy heated tent.  I haven't been to that side yet, but if it's even half as good as their main menu, it'll be twice as good as most places. GO NOW!

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