Friday, March 28, 2014

What Type Of Salad Are You?

I walked into my coworker's office the other day to eat my lunch (because I'm a people person and eating my lunch at my cubicle gets boring), and she took one look at my salad and said "that is the crunchiest salad I've ever seen." I looked down and saw she was totally right. In my glass pyrex bowl (which also immediately upped the crunchyness) was kale, quinoa, edamame, sliced almonds and avocado. And the first thing that I thought of was that if there was Buzzfeed quiz about salads, I would totally be the Whole Foods Saladbar person. Now a small little part of me hates being that person, but I also fully embrace it because my salad might be crunchy but it is DELICIOUS. And the best thing is that you can make it at home and not spend all your money at the salad bar!

The Who Needs Whole Foods Salad
(ironically, all these ingredients were bought at Whole Foods but that's neither here nor there)

1 cup of cooked quinoa
1 bunch of lacinato/dino kale
2 avocados
1 bell pepper
Half a bag of frozen shelled edamame
Handful of almonds, sliced
Two lemons
Olive oil

1) Cut up your kale into tiny little bite size strips and put it in a bowl. Cut your lemons in half and squeeze lemon juice on top of the kale. Add a bit of olive oil (depends how lemony you want your salad) and mix it all together. Let it sit and absorb for a good 30 minutes.
2) Boil up some water and cook your edamame. Drain and let it cool.
3) Cut up your bell pepper and almonds.
4) Mix everything together! Add salt and pepper to taste.
5) Cut up your avocado and place on top.
6) Enjoy!

All these ingredients gives you about two and a half servings and I actually make it in bulk and then just cut up the avocado for when I'm ready to eat it. Then the kale gets even softer and yummier to eat the longer it hangs out with the lemon juice. In the fridge it should last 2-3 days depending on how fresh your produce is.

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